Energetic elixir


2 handfuls of chard
1 banana
1 cup grapes
1 pear
2 tablespoons nuts
1/4 cup water



You may be wondering why this drink is good for your health. This drink is very rich in fiber that you need to keep your heart health. The nuts contained in this drink make him rich in natural omega acids that are needed to maintain the health of your cardiovascular system and also reduce the risk of emergence of infections.

Banana is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C. For that reason bananas are great for children. Also banana can help you to fall asleep more easily, to strengthen your immunity and to keep calcium in your body.

If you did not know pears are hypoallergenic. This means that the chances to cause allergic reactions are very small. To prepare the pears for this drink you should wash them and cut them in half. It is not necessary to peel them, just remove the seeds and the stalks.

As already you know nuts are rich in omega-3 acids that maintain and improve brain health. With only 30 grams of nuts you enter in your body 2.5g. omega-3 acids 4g. proteins 2 g. fibers and a dose of magnesium and phosphorus that are good for the health of your bones.

We recommend you to add liquids when you prepare these types of drinks Commonly water is the best choice because there are no additional calories and has a neutral taste. Water is always the best choice for hydration.

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