4 foods that aggravate the cold

Just as there is food that can reduce the symptoms of colds and flu also exists and foods that can prolong the disease.

These four things you should avoid if you do not want to lie sick one more day.




1. Juices and sweet drinks

If you didn’t know the drinks that are full of sugar make our body to fight more slowly against the infections . This also applies to cookies, cakes or any other foods that are rich in sugars. Instead of eating such food consume moderately sweetened tea or water, and if you need something to nibble pick fruit.

Dairy products

2. Dairy products

You might have heard that milk, yogurt and other similar dairy products produce mucus. In some people the accumulated secretions in the throat can make the disease less bearable.


3. Alcohol

If you feel symptoms of a cold or flu you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol causes inflammation and makes the body more susceptible to disease. The dehydration also causes disease. You should avoid alcohol if you do not want to wake up with a fever or hangover.

Refined carbohydrates

4. Refined carbohydrates

Usually people eat fried bread or biscuits when they are sick. It is another mistake! The refined carbohydrates that are found in them very quickly turn into sugars and then they have the same impact as cookies and sweetened juices. Therefore it is best to eat fresh bread from whole grains.

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