[WW Recipe] Crunchy and healthy: Perfect french fries without a drop of oil

Many lovers of french fries are afraid to eat it because it contains fats and many calories. But now they can finally enjoy their favorite meal. We present to you a recipe for crispy and healthy fries without a drop of oil.

What do you need? You just need potatoes, eggs and spice (optional).

First you need to peel the potatoes. Then chop them. Put them into the yolks of the eggs in which you can also add spice. Thus prepared potatoes put them in a casserole previously coated with cooking paper.

You need to bake the potatoes in the oven at 220 degrees until they become golden. Thus prepared crispy fries will be just as if you had prepared into deep fat fryers, but much healthier.

As a suggestion we recommend to serve with yogurt or spicy stuffed tomatoes. [WW] 5 SmartPoints; 4 PointsPlus; 3 Points (old)

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