Perfect blend against insomnia!

Perhaps the combination of sugar and salt seems strange, but if you suffer from insomnia this combination is perfect for you.
You know that the consumption of sugar and salt in large quantities is very bad for your health. But if you consume them moderate, you can also achieve great results. This mixture has numerous benefits : strengthens the immune system, helps with insomnia, heals the headache, increases serotonin levels and electrolytes, boost energy levels and acts against stress.

What do you need and how to prepare this mixture?
All you need are 5 tablespoons cane sugar and 1 tablespoon unrefined sea salt. Mix the salt and the sugar in a ratio of 1: 5 and put this mixture into sterilized glass jar.

How to consume it?
At night before you go to sleep or during the night, take a small amount of this blend and put it under your tongue. Wait until the mixture melts.

The sodium in salt allows cells to properly breathe and produce energy. The sugar glucose is a rich source of energy for the cells. Also, both ingredients are powerful in the fight against the stress, which damages your metabolism. If you suffer from insomnia, If you stay up late into the night or you just can not close your eyes, this combination of salt and sugar is ideal for you.


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