Folk remedy of beetroot: Cures cancers, tumors, inflammation, infections

– one jar of 3L
– 2 tablespoons flour
– 100g. raisin
– 200g. sugar
– 700g. beetroot

First wash the fresh beets. Cut it into small cubes and put in clean jar. After that in the jar add the raisins, flour and sugar. Fill the jar with cold boiled water and mix nicely. Finally, close the jar or better wrap it with double gauze to ,,breathe”. Let the jar stand in warm place about 6 to 7 days to ferment.
After 7 days you have to squeeze the mixture through the gauze. You will get beetroot yeast. You should drink of the yeast 3-4 tablespoons 3 times a day before meal. Keep the yeast in the refrigerator. Drink the whole yeast and on it retains the first round of cleansing the liver. Take a break of 3 months and repeat the same procedure.

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