Big caution because all of you may have it in the house: 100,000 people die because of this product every year!

Researchers found that many household products, including deodorants, bug spray and cleaning products contain chemicals known as volatile organic compounds of VOCs which can cause cancer, especially in children and elderly people.

It is investigated how the VOC in solid or liquid state, evaporates and pollutes the air inside the house. High levels of VOCs known as limonene, which can become cancerous formaldehyde when are mixed with other elements, are found in many household products.

Researchers from the well known Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London warned that the public is unaware of the dangers to which they are exposed. They concluded that the pollution of the indoor air causes and contributes death to 99,000 cases per year in Europe.

“Examples include adverse effects on fetal development, including development of the kidneys and lungs, as well as abortion, increased heart attack and stroke in the elderly. They are linked with diabetes, asthma, obesity, dementia and cancer, “- it is written in the report. Evaporation of the hazardous formaldehyde can emit and certain furniture, fabrics, adhesives and insulation.

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