Find out who hormone is the reason why you can not lose weight and how to resolve it and encourage the weight loss

If losing weight has become one kind of struggle for you and if you think that diet does not provide the desired results, then the hormone leptin can be guilty. This hormone is secreted by cells and its general function is to balance the weight of the body and the energy levels. There are two ways when leptin does not perform its function. The first is to signal the brain when we eat. The second is to stimulate the fat tissue.


However, there are cases when leptin is faulty. Specifically, mostly obese people have developed a resistance to leptin in their bodies.

After a long period of high levels of leptin, many people can lose their sensitivity to leptin in their bodies. This means that the brain does not listen when the leptin signals to accelerate the metabolism and the person to stop eating.

You may become resistant to leptin, if you regularly eat a lot of processed foods, such as those listed below:
-food sugar
-fructose corn syrup
-high dietary fat

What should you do?
Go to a doctor to check the hormone, to confirm the problem and to give you the medications to restore hormonal balance.

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