You are not even aware: Here’s why you have “bad breath”. Remove THIS and fix the problem!

Do you suffer from bad breath no matter how much you maintain the oral hygiene and use various fresheners? You are not even aware that this is due to your tonsils …

It is about the stones on your tonsils. These are small dots that you can see on the tonsils which can make your breath really bad. These stones release gas that has a nasty smell, like sulfur.


Stones in the tonsils are in fact only lumps of mucus, food and bacteria that are collected in the back of the throat.

After they harden you will not only have a problem with your breath, but you can also have problems with painful ingestion of food.

Solution: These nasty stones can just “fall off”, and also, very often they need to be resolved by surgery. There is a third solution, and that is to remove them, yourself, from your mouth.

Watch this video below how it actually works:


*video taken from FunFormator YouTube channel

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