Acupressure points that will help you to lose weight

The acupressure is a traditional chinese technique based on the way in which the energy flows through our bodies.

If it is properly applied, the medicine claims that it can help to solve many health problems.

These 5 points are recommended if you want to beat the hunger and control your appetite:


1. Еar
This is the point that has the greatest control over the appetite. You need to put your thumb at the point indicated in the illustration and gently push 1 to 3 minutes, 2 times a day.

2. Above the upper lip
The point under the nose and upper lip should be gently pressed 1 to 5 minutes, twice a day if you feel hunger and anxiety.

3. Knee
This point is located 5 centimeters below the knee patella and you should push medium pressure about 2 minutes each day. This will help the stomach to digest the food easier and faster.

4. Elbow
Press with the thumb the marked point below the elbow per 1 minute every day. By stimulating this point you’re releasing the excess accumulated heat, thereby you’ll improve the work of the intestine and prevent the retention of excess water in the body.

5. Ankle
This point is located 5 cm above the ankle on the inside of the foot. Press it with a mild intensity 1 minute each day and then gradually pull your fingers. This is great way to control your appetite.

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