Common wheat treats arthritis and rheumatism: Drink this and forget about the pain in the bones! (RECIPE)

And not only that – many claim that it can help in the treatment of some cancers.

Those who take care of their health, periodically will make yourself tea from wheat that is extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis.

In addition, it heals and rheumatism, so you can forget about the pain in the bones and joints caused by these conditions, and also many people claim that the tea of wheat can also help in the treatment of some cancers.

Tea made from wheat is rich in vitamins B-complex, and cures viruses. The roasted wheat is perfect for cleaning the entire body.

Ingredients: 500 g of wheat, 200 ml honey and water.

Preparation: Wash the wheat thoroughly with water, and dry it on paper. Rinse the wheat , and put it on dry frying pan. During the baking continuously mix using a wooden spoon.

Bake until the grains begin to crackle.

Put the cooked wheat in a teapot and pour over boiling water. Continue to cook for about 25 minutes over low heat, and then remove it from heat and cover.

Let stand for about five minutes, and then add honey. After that, the tea is ready for use.

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