Find out what happened after she poured 2 bottles of Coca-Cola all over her hair. It’s amazing!

Many people do not believe on what other people say, so they decide to try it, just like this girl Ellko.

She tries interesting beauty hacks to check out whether they are true as the people claim that are.

Eliko decided to try the ‘’Coca-Cola Hair Rinse’’. This method can be very good if you run out of sea-salt spray or texturizing hair gel. The results of ‘’Coca-Cola Hair Rinse’’ should be shiny and textured beach curls.

This girl posted the video for everyone to see that this myth is true. With two bottles of Coca-Cola her hair texture changed immediately.

Of course, there are more useful uses of Coca-Cola such as removing grease and blood strains from clothing and fabric, cleaning your toilet and sink.

Ellko was really amazed by the results she get.


*video taken from Ellko YouTube channel

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