WARNING: In case you notice this on your tongue, be aware that this is the first sign of severe disease!

According to the Chinese alternative medicine, the tongue says a lot about the state of the body. In case you notice any changes to it, you should consult a doctor.

These 6 changes on the tongue suggest that there is a problem with your health:
– a thin and yellow layer in the middle of your tongue indicates problems with the digestion, dehydration or skin diseases.
– if the tongue has a thin white layer on the surface and a few red dots, that is a sign of a lack of energy that causes poor appetite, fatigue and increased sweating.
– if there is a massive white layer on the tongue and the tongue is visibly swollen at the edges, that means that the digestive system is unbalanced. People in this situation are often lethargic and tired.
– a thin white layer and a red tip of the tongue are an indication that you are under constant stress. The energy of the body is accumulated in the node and causing pneumonia.
– the black spots on the surface of the tongue indicate problems with the blood circulation, causing feeling of heaviness in the legs, varicose veins, headaches, or pain in the chest.
– if there are cracks and the tongue is red, that is a sign of fungal infection, which can be accompanied by night sweats, insomnia or irritability.

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