WARNING: Here’s the dangerous reason why you should not wear flip flops!

Most of the people love to wear flip-flops during the hot summer days, especially if they are on the beach. But what is less known is that wearing flip-flops can come along with many risks for human’s health and that they are the most dangerous footwear in the world. This has been discovered by experts.

Now you surely wonder how can the flip-flops be that bad for the human health?

First – unnatural amounts of stress are forced on the feet, when we wear flip-flops. How? – Jim Christina (director of scientific affairs at the American Podiatric Medical Association) stated that the flip-flops let the feet to be as flat as they can be and people are not getting any support from them.

Many conditions can result from that, such as the painful plantar fasciitis (one inflammation of tissue on the bottom of the feet).

Second – if we wear flip-flops our toe will have to work more and harder to keep the flip-flops on our feet. Because of this, if we are wearing flip-flops for a long time the condition known as hammertoe can ‘arrive’. Hammertoe is one condition where the knuckles of the toes arch unnaturally upwards.

These conditions that we mention can be result from only wearing flip-flops. And you know what can actually happen when you stumble, because everyone will stumble at least once while wearing flip-flops – that is a fact. And in that case the flip-flops will not provide you any kind of help – no coverage against
sharp rocks, no ankle protection. No one is forced to wear them, so you will deal on your own with the consequences from wearing them.


*video taken from WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 YouTube channel

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