You will do the same: This woman puts baking soda on lemon and here’s why!

Everyone knows that one of the cheapest home remedy in the world is baking soda. Baking soda can be helpful from fighting common colds even to cancer. It is natural substance that is crystalline but also we can often find it out like a fine powder.

Baking soda can prevent and heal acidity peptic ulcer, metabolic acidosis, diarrhea and drug intoxication.

Because of its anti-itch and antipruritic properties it can be good for maintaining the skin healthy .

It is helpful for colds and flu and it can be helpful in plaque removal.

Baking soda prevents kidney stones, bladder infection and hyperkalemia because it is rich in sodium.

Besides that, the baking soda can also be helpful with cleaning the home. Watch the video below and see why you should always have baking soda at your home!


*video taken from Sensational Finds YouTube channel

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