Recipe: Drink every morning a glass of this water and the cancer will disappear!

It has been proved that almost any type of cancer needs acidic environment to develop. It means that cancer cannot stand alkaline environment that has pH value of 7.36 or above. So, the acidic environment in the body comes along with higher chances of getting some type of cancer.

But it not only increase the chances of getting cancer, but also of many other serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Drink alkaline water to keep the alkaline environment in your body. You need only 5 minutes to prepare it.

Why you should drink alkaline water and not normal water?
–This water has a higher pH level than the normal water. Normal water has pH of 7, alkaline water has pH of 8 or 9. The alkaline water can be bought from grocery or from the health food stores, but you can also prepare it yourself at home.

To prepare it you will need:
-1 washed sliced organic lemon
-1 tablespoon Himalayan salt
-2l purified water

First pour the purified water in one glass jar. Add the lemon slices, but you should try not to squeeze out the juice. Add the Himalayan salt. Cover the jar and let it like that at room temperature to stay during the whole night.

Every morning on empty stomach, drink 3 glasses this water.

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