You do not need to use the cotton buds anymore: Here’s the most effective way for cleaning the ears!

The earwax can provoke itching into the ears and it can also make you not to hear clearly, that is why people want to remove it from their ears. They use products such as Q-tips or cotton buds, but they do not understand that actually they do not remove the earwax.They just push the dirt further into the ear canal. That could lead to several problems like headaches, ear pain, sinus problems, hearing problems and in some cases dizziness.


The science claims that the earwax is there in order to block the dirt, the dust or other bacteria that can easily enter into the ear canal, but if there is too much buildup of the earwax, could occur problems.

There is one very good remedy for removing the earwax and this remedy was discovered by the doctor David Hill. He used vinegar and rubbing alcohol for preparing the remedy.

Mix the vinegar with a little bit of alcohol. Apply a few drops of that mixture in one of the ears. Tilt your head to the opposite side. Keep it like that for one minute, and return the head to the normal position and then you will watch how the wax is flowing out of the ear. Repeat the same with the other ear.

With this natural remedy you will clean your ears and you will also prevent more serious problems.

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