The scientists warn: The tattoo colors can cause cancer!

Tattoos have been popular around the world for centuries, and as time passes by they become even more and more in trend, especially among the younger generations. But, according to some recent studies, inking the skin can have some detrimental effects on the overall health as a result of inappropriate use of certain colors.


One group of experts from the English Agency of Public Health made a shocking discovery! Some of the tattoo colors contain dangerous toxic substances that can even cause cancer! They discovered that the toxic nano-particles from the tattoo color get deposited in the spleen through the blood and the kidneys.
This reduces the ability of the body to filter the toxins.

The danger of red and blue colors
The latest discovery confirms the findings of the researchers from the US and Denmark who had discovered the cancer-causing chemicals in tattoo hues, including mercury and cobalt. The red color that is used in tattooing contains mercury, and the green and blue shades contain cobalt. Because these
substances are very dangerous to our health, the researchers demanded the competent authorities to address this issue and regulate the use of all these toxic colors.

The danger of black color
Dr. Georgina Serupa from Copenhagen conducted one study on the same subject and revealed that 13 of 21 hues commonly used in tattoos around Europe contain cancer-causing chemicals.

Several US researches showed that the black tattoo color is produced using benzopyrene, which in experiments that are made on animals has been shown to cause skin cancer.

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