An incredible effect: Put this in your navel and you’ll get rid of the cold, cough, abdominal and menstrual pain!

Now, you can solve the problem with influenza, colds, stomach and menstrual agony by putting only one thing in your tummy.

That thing is cotton liquor. Try it and it will be your home remedy whenever you have sore muscles, cold or even influenza. You only have to press out the abundance and spot it into the navel. Cover it with a plastic pack or any material to secure it well.

This method can provide even better effects than some of the regular medications.

If you deal with menstrual agony you should rest for a while and press the cotton with your hands during that time.

If there is torment or infection in the belly or the stomach you should use the same method but with adding salt to the cotton before applying it in the navel.

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