Even the doctors are amazed: These are the best natural cures for hemorrhoids!

The most common symptoms – painless bleeding during bowel movements that can result in bright red blood, irritation or swelling in the anus, itching, formation of a sensitive or even painful lump near the anus, or sometimes anal leakage. But, don’t worry, here’s how to treat and cure hemorrhoids and in all natural way! You probably already have some of these natural ingredients into your kitchen, just follow the simple instructions.

1. Chard:
Once you have chard (in very good condition), rinse it well and let it cool in the refrigerator. Apply enough leaves on the affected area at least 3 times daily.

2. Aloe Vera:
Aloe vera is very effective natural ingredient that assists very fast relief from hemorrhoids. Its anti-inflammatory action helps in resolving the symptoms in a very fast and easy way. For the internal hemorrhoids, cut stripes of aloe vera leave, discard all the thorns and freeze it. Apply it on the inflamed
area for double action of the cold compress along with the reduction in inflammation. For the external ones, apply the gel extracted from aloe leaves in order to soothe and hydrate the swollen veins.

3. Clove:
Add two whole cloves and 3 garlic cloves and three bay leaves in a boiling water. Boil all the ingredients for about 10 minutes and remove it from heat. Strain the water, wait until it’s cool enough and apply this mixture on the affected area – 3 times daily.

4. Chamomile:
It’s a plant that can easily be found in any garden and it is famous due to its medicinal properties, among which is included the treatment of hemorrhoids. This natural remedy reduces the anal inflammation, stops the small hemorrhages and helps scarring. Boil a handful of chamomile leaves in one liter of water
for about 10 minutes. Let it cool and use it to clean the hemorrhoids for as long as necessary.

5. Potatoes:
The power of the potatoes to remove the excess fluid form your skin surface acts as a boon if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. The potato paste can help in drying the area fast and it will help in stopping the bleeding and healing the wound as well. You only have to grate potatoes to make a smooth paste, apply
it on the anal area and wait until it turns dry. It can be done all throughout the day for fast relief.

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