Wrap the feet into the cabbage leaves and see the surprising results!

Cabbage leaves have been used for centuries for ulcers, swelling, strains, and sprains. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties they have been used to treat joint pain due to arthritis and sports injuries.

Many arthritis sufferers reduce their medicinal intake by adding cabbage leaves to their treatment. You wonder how have they used cabbage? As a wrap!

For gout

Many gout sufferers say that this home remedy reduces or eliminates gout pain. Keep a few frozen cabbage leaves in one plastic bag in the freezer.

When the gout strikes, take them and arrange them around the affected area. Wrap one towel around them and let the warmth of the skin thaw them naturally.

In case the theory is accurate, the gout-fighting chemicals in the cabbage will penetrate your skin and dissolve the crystal deposits. If it is not, the frozen leaves will soothe the inflamed area anyway.

For joint pain

In Swiss hospital, the patients with rheumatoid arthritis have the swollen joints wrapped at night in the cabbage leaves to reduce the joint swelling and pain.

Take some leaves and cut out the central rib. Lay them flat on the chopping board, bash with one rolling pin until the juices start to come out.

Put the leaves over the swollen joints and wrap one gauze bandage around the joint.

For swollen feet treatment

Cool some white or green cabbage leaves in the freezer until they are chilled, but also still pliable and wrap them around the swollen feet. Sit with the feet elevated for about 30 minutes. The cabbage has great water absorption qualities and it will draw out the excess fluid in the feet.

Warning: It is very rare to experience an allergy to cabbage, but in case you have any swelling or itching to your skin where the cabbage poultice is placed, you should remove the leaves immediately. If the irritation continues or worsens you should consult a health practitioner

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