You have very unpleasant feet and body odor? Here is what your organism is missing!

Having body odor is normal, and it is not a problem in normal circumstances. The problem appears when people have excessive body odor, and that can be very embarrassing for individuals. People who have strong odors of their body usually avoid any contact with people.

Sprays and deodorants are a great help because they camouflage all these smells of the body, but unfortunately they do not solve the problem.

It is important to understand what causes the excessive body odor.

First and the most important step is to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Areas that are more prone to odors are armpits, chest, legs and groin, because there are the largest humidity, and also the growth of bacteria is faster.

The excessive bad body odor may result from fungal infection, disease, kidney disease or liver disease.

To combat the bad odors you need to compensate zinc into your body, but only if you do not have all the aforementioned diseases.

Have a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy and oily food. You should also avoid alcohol, caffeine cumin and garlic.

And never wear the same outfit twice (not washed), especially in the summer, and you should wear cotton socks and clothing.

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