This seed has panicked the doctors: It can help you control the diabetes and also can restore 100% of the liver and kidney function!

Diabetes in one of the most common conditions in the 21st century. It’s a chronic illness that occurs when the insulin, the sugar-controlling hormone into the body, can not regulate the blood sugar levels. It is secreted by the pancreas and the diabetes typically occurs when there is under the production of the insulin.

The diabetes existed in the past as well and the natural medicine treated this chronic condition long time before the modern medicine took place. There are some medicinal plants which have very powerful anti-diabetic properties. The bean is just one them, and it has a long tradition of use for the treatment of diabetes in the natural medicine.

The recipe below is based on bird-seeds and you can combine it with water, or soy milk, or honey or some fruit according to your preference. This recipe can help you control the diabetes completely naturally.

Put 5 tbsps. bird-seed in one glass of water and leave it overnight. And in the morning, strain the water and blend the seeds in combination with fruit or soy milk. You can also add some honey.

You should drink this in the morning before your breakfast to keep the blood sugar under the control and boost the energy levels for the day ahead!

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