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At the beginning, cracked heels are simply cosmetic issue, however if left untreated, the cracks end up being much deeper and the pain occurs while due to the fact that of dirt that gathers in them can cause infection. Therefore, it is needed to act as soon as possible.

Thickening of the foot results in a decrease in blood flow and flexibility disappears due to the excess of dead skin. Dead skin can not be removed with a sharp item since removing excessive skin can lead to infection.
This is why this dish

Active ingredients

10 tablets of aspirin
250 ml brandy or 70% alcohol Medication


10 aspirin tablets crushed into powder and pour 250 ml of brandy (or 70% of medical alcohol) and let it rest for about 1-2 days.

Every night on a piece of gauze. Wrap the 5th, cover a plastic bag and wear the sock. Leave overnight.

In the morning, wash with water, wipe and use a fatty cream for legs or glycerin. After 10 treatments, feet and heels are cleaned of rough skin and fat.

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