Frankincense Vital Oil Suppresses Numerous Cancers

Frankincense Necessary Oil Reduces Multiple Cancers: Previous research study has revealed the vital oils of both frankincense and myrrh to potently suppress growth of human breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer cells. But in this new study, additional refined extracts of frankincense vital oils were discovered to be a lot more potent, killing up to 97% of liver cancer cells and 96% of colon cancer cells.

In fact, the researchers stated that these new extracts were equivalent in potency to the chemo drugs doxorubicin and 5-flourouracil! Frankincense and myrrh are the dried resin (sap) from little trees that grow in the Middle East and Northeast Africa. They have actually been utilized for countless years in conventional medicine for remedy for discomfort, fever, coughing, sore throat, swelling, and digestive problems, and have potent natural antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Surprising health advantages of frankincense have actually likewise been validated in current medical trials: it significantly reduced brain swelling in brain cancer patients, decreased signs in clients with asthma (item utilized: Casperome), reduced pain and stiffness in osteoarthritis, reduced discomfort in healthy volunteers (item used: Shallaki) as well as reduced the damage of photo-aging in females’s skin, in fact making their skin appearance more youthful!

Cancer will eliminate over 8 million individuals this year.

True remedies are being suppressed and the mainstream media has played a big function in keeping people in the dark on how to prevent such an alarming diagnosis.

An explosively powerful documentary series will play online, and it will be totally free to view for a minimal time. This is something ‘they’ do not want you to see! Although the landmark documentary features interviews with many of the world’s leading cancer professionals, the mainstream media declined to air it. Pharmaceutical companies are one of MSM’s most significant sources of income, so you can imagine why you haven’t heard anything about this series on television. You’ll discover the most reliable ways to prevent and beat cancer you will not see anywhere else.

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