Do it yourself: Make your own magnesium oil and heal the muscle pain, headaches and more

This totally affordable homemade magnesium oil is one of the easiest and quickest modes of increasing the levels of magnesium. As much as magnesium oils are available for sale, making your own will save your money.

Ingredients that are needed:
– Half a cup of magnesium chloride flakes
– Half a cup of distilled water
– One glass spray bottle
– One glass bowl or a glass measuring cup

– For the beginning start by boiling the distilled water. The distilled water helps to extend the shelf life of the resultant mixture, and that making it a necessity.
– Put the magnesium chloride flakes inside the glass bowl or the glass measuring cup and proceed to pour the boiling distilled water over it.
– Then, stir until the magnesium chloride flakes are dissolved completely. Leave the solution to cool down completely and after store it in the spray bottle.

This solution can be stored for at least six months at room temperature.

By spraying the magnesium oil on the stomach, the arms or the legs will constitute the most efficient way of ensuring absorption. Spray yourself on a daily basis, allowing approximately 20 minutes before washing off. You can let the magnesium oil stay on your skin throughout the whole day, enabling it to work its magic.

You can also experience a little tingling the very first times you spray this oil onto your skin. It will only be on the sprayed parts of the skin. This reaction is normal and disappears over time. But, if the tingling sensation is bothersome, you can dilute the solution with some water.

The magnesium oil supports your joints and muscles. It also improves your skin with reducing the visible signs of wrinkles and aging. Magnesium oil enhances the performance of the digestive system by aiding the metabolism and promoting the anabolism.


*video taken from Cat the HerbalPrepper YouTube channel

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