Get fuller lips on a natural way!

You’re not born with fuller lips, but your biggest wish is to have such lips? Are you afraid that your wish will not come true because you have a fear of needles and operations. You know what? Now that is not unattainable for you! Now you can get fuller lips on completely painless manner without operations and cosmetic corrections. These natural beauty tricks will help your lips to look extremely attractive, and you will be quite satisfied with the effect that you get.

For the first recipe you need cinnamon, sea salt and petroleum jelly. Mix half a tablespoon of cinnamon with half a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon petroleum jelly. Then with a finger apply the mixture on your lips with circular movements. Wait about 5 minutes and then remove the mixture from the lips. Then with lipstick brush put on your lips juice of beetroot. Let it work over night. In the morning you can put lip balm on your lips. Use this recipe for a month you will enjoy fuller lips.

For the second recipe is needed: petroleum jelly, cinnamon essential oil, menthol and wintergreen. Mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture with finger all over the lips. You will notice it’s effect very soon.

The third recipe it’s not recommended if you have dry or chapped lips. For it you need: half a tablespoon of cinnamon, three tablespoons of petroleum jelly and half a tablespoon of cayenne pepper. Mix this ingredients in a jar. It’s recommendable to apply some lip balm before applying the mixture using a cotton pad. Also you should apply it in small doses and if you feеl some prickling, you should not worry it will pass in the next days.

The fourth therapy is called the ice cubes massage. This massage is a natural and completely harmless. It will give more color and volume to your lips. Rub the edges of the lips with the ice cubes and that way you will relax the muscles and will accelerate the flow of blood. This will make your lips naturally red and fuller.

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