Fiery compresses of ginger that melt the fat on the stomach overnight!

Though with regular exercise and proper diet the result could be even better, also on this way you can get rid of the fat around your stomach. In order to reduce the volume of your body, we recommend you to test these compresses of ginger. If you did not know ginger speeds up the metabolism and thus helps in weight reduction. The compresses of ginger have almost the same effect on your body.

Find out how to prepare and how to use them.

All you need is:

-one tablespoon ginger powder (or fresh grated);

-a few tablespoons of your body lotion;

-a towel;

-a plastic sheeting;

-an elastic bandage.

Principle of operation
First dip the towel in hot water and put it on the part of your body where you want to place the compress of ginger. Leave it for few minutes to open the pores.

Mix the body lotion and the ginger. Inflict thicker layer of this mixture to the desired place. Wrap plastic foil on it and on the foil elastic bandage. Do not squeeze a lot, only enough to feel comfortable.

Repeat the procedure for all body parts where you want to put the compresses of ginger. Let these compresses act at least 4 hours, or if is not a problem and all night. You may feel prickling while you are wearing them. Do not worry it’s just a sign that they act.
This mixture of ginger is very good because it reduces the accumulated fat in the body.

You should be aware that the results could be even better if you are persistent and if you exercise actively. Also to lose more inches around the waist and to improve the result of these compresses we recommend you to enter the ginger in the daily diet.

Note: You need to know that the result of this process can be different from person to person. Reduced centimeters depend on your metabolism, but also depend on the diet and the level of physical activity.

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