5 myths about cellulite that you should immediately forget

Yes, the cellulite knows how to be really boring. Even 90% of women have it in some form. Although you can not do a lot of things to fight with him, you should know the pros and the cons, the reason why it appears and if and how you can get rid of it.

Myth 1 – Only overweight people have cellulite

No! The cellulite (those fats under the skin that appear in the form of pits) did not only occur due to excessive weight. Although excess weight can make it easier noticeable, on the cellulite mainly affects aging, genetics, changes in weight and even the damage from the sun. And it can occur in women of all shapes and sizes.

Myth 2 – With losing the weight and cellulite will disappear too

Because the changes in the weight are one of the factors for the presence of cellulite, just losing the weight could actually provoke his presence. That also depends on the way you lose weight. Diets that provide rapidly losing of the weight through starvation are not at all healthy. They also may make cellulite more visible because these big changes in short time can make the skin to lose its elasticity, causing increased expression of these bad holes in it.

Myth # 3 – Cardio exercises are the best way to fight against cellulite

First, you should know that all exercises can tighten the tissue under the skin with pits. You can not achieve this just by running on the treadmill. You should start lifting weights and cardio exercises will help you to deal with the variations in the weight.

Myth # 4 – With the creams for firming of the skin you can get rid of the cellulite

The advertisements for these creams looks very convincing. But you should be aware that there is no “cure” that could permanently reduce the cellulite. Certain products, especially the ones which contain retinol can, for short time, mask those small holes, but in the long run, simply does not exist one cream that could help you to deal with this problem.

Myth # 5 – The liposuction can make it less noticeable

Not only it’s very expensive and painful, the liposuction can actually make the cellulite even worse, because you make a mess in the distribution of fat, which can create additional holes where previously they not exist. Stick to your routine in the gym and simply you should reconcile to the fact that occasionally the cellulite happens to everyone.

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