The truth about the fitness: Avoid the traps on the road to the slim line

Maybe, by the advice of others, you avoid eating carbohydrates when it gets dark. Or maybe you spend hours on the the track, running, without notice significant results? Lack of time and misinformation can impair your healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is maintaining balance, setting realistic goals and of course good fun. Debunked are some myths that hamper the healthy lifestyle.

If you tie yourself to the track for running does not necessarily mean that you will achieve your goal

The track for running can be good when it’s bad weather. But when outside the sun is shining or there is no rainfall, you should be out, running in nature. If you live in a climate where it’s always bad weather, you can see the plan for your training on the Internet and make your room into a real party. The key for success is to stay motivated, have fun and mix workouts. You can do a good workout outside, without going to expensive gym.

If you’re doing squats every day, you’ll lose weight

Squats are the basis of the training, but they are focused on a small part of your stomach. If you want to “tighten” those few inches, you will need to train very hard.
Endurance and twist with the weights are more effective than squats. If you have fat accumulates in the abdomen, you must pay attention on well-planned diet. Cut out the sugar and insert the protein in the daily diet.

The more you sweat, the more you lose weight

Training full of sweat can not make you thinner for one day. How much you sweat depends on the gene, the physical readiness of your body and the room temperature in which you train. Sweat does not always mean that you’re training very hard, it’s a way your body cools and regulates its temperature.
Many people say that they see progress after working out in a thin wardrobe and clothes for sweating. But the weight that is lost was not the fat, but the water. Forcing the body to dehydration can be dangerous. And the water that you have thrown will be returned when you enter a new amount of water. With more intense training you’ll burn more calories and you’ll lose more fat, but that will not happen because of sweating.

No pain , no progress

If you can not walk normally after training or you can not have a seat, it only means that you have gone too far.
The stiffness is a chemical reaction of the inflammation and is not an indication that the muscle grows. The only thing that can measure your performance is your result.
You should judge your training on what happens with your body when you workout not on the basis of the pain and inflammation you feel.

You should not consume carbohydrates after six afternoon

The carbohydrates have always been the culprit for the fatty deposits. The wrong perception that the large meals at night are the reason for the extra kilograms has led to big delusions. The reason for the accumulation of the kilograms is because you are not active enough. If you want to lose your weight, you have to look for balance in everything.
The exaggeration with food and lack of training are blamed for the unwanted pounds, not the carbohydrates. We need them for better working of the brain and to have an additional source of energy.

Healthy is because it does not contain gluten 

Gluten-free diet is an illusion. If it’s gluten-free, does not mean it’s healthy.
Of course, if you have less tolerance to gluten, you have to be careful what you consume.

Weights are for men

One of the biggest misconceptions is that women should not lift weights, because they’ll receive an additional muscle mass.
Lifting weight will help you lose weight and burn calories. Weights enhance the durability of the bones and joints.
If you do not have weights, you can fill the bottle with water. If it’s too easy, you can also put sand in the bottles.

You need to work squats just at a right angle

That how low you can get down depends on your flexibility, balance and good sense. If you want to do the squats below the knees, do it! That way you will further strain the back of the back, buttocks and legs. If you still can not get down low, take it easy. You should not force yourself to something that you are not ready yet.

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