5 things that you should not put on your face

Every woman requires a natural way to beautify the skin, but often knows how to make mistakes using things that should put on her face. The products used for the body, are not always good for the face. The facial skin is thinner, so you should devote more attention and care. Some parts of the face, especially the eyes and lips are more sensitive than the other parts, because the skin is thinnest. So, be careful what you put on your face! Here are a few things that you must avoid!

We all know that alcohol is antibacterial disinfectant that is used to clean the wounds and the abrasions, as well as cleaning the home. But alcohol is not good for the skin because dries and destroys it. Therefore, when your’re buying products for the face, dial those that do not contain alcohol, because alcohol destroys skin cells and thereby increases the number of dead cells and makes the skin dry.

Eating too much sugar is not good for your health, but also for your skin. It is true that sugar refreshes the skin, but do not forget that the facial skin is thinner than the skin on other parts of the body and therefore are necessary products for sensitive skin. The sugar composition does not match the surface of your face and can harm the skin, causing faster aging and wrinkles.

This fruit has a pH 2, which means it is very sour. Many put it on the face and on the hair, but it is important to know that after the application of lemon can occur irritation on the face, especially if you’re exposed to sunlight. So if you want to put lemon, you should dilute it with water. Other products that may not put on the face are: baking soda, toothpaste, hairspray, body lotion and hydrogen. All these products can badly affect the thin skin on your face.

Boiling water
Bath with boiling water is great, especially in the cold winter days, but what happens to your face? The very hot water weakens the outer face and destroys the natural moisture of the skin. If the skin on your face is oily, then you should be more careful with the high water temperatures, because the hot water stimulates secretion of more fat from the skin.

Vaseline is a great for the lips and helps to improve the moisture of the dry and sensitive skin. But, although after application of vaseline the skin is soft, it not only helps to improve the moisture, but causes adhesion of the dirt and the dust from the air on your face. Thus, your skin begins to dry because it creates a dirty build that does not allow the air to reach the skin.

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