8 effective ways to fight the cellulite

A lot of water
You should consume eight to ten glasses water a day, and you do not to drink it only, but you can consume foods that contain enough water to keep your body hydrated.

Except the plain water you need to drink as much as you can, it is advisable to consume and an apple, cucumber or grapefruit. In this way you will lower the body mass index and reduce the volume of your waist.

Colorful vegetables
The vegetables with strong colors are rich in vitamin C, which is significant for the precious collagen which makes the skin firm. If its level decreases, the skin will lose the elasticity, which leads to easier creation of cellulite. The recommended daily dose of vitamin C is 75 mg.

Whole grains
Foods that are composed of processed cereals, contain a sugar, such as the white bread for example, and trigger a jump of insulin in the body. Insulin sends signals to the body that the fats should be stored, instead of wasting them. Therefore, the best choice are the whole grains that you should eat whenever is possible, whether it is the whole-wheat bread or muesli and porridge of grains, because they have a lot of fiber and do not cause a sudden jump of insulin.

No salt and sugar
Women who consume generally healthy food have less cellulite, and one reason for this is that the body does not bring a lot of salt and sugar. The sugar is stored in fat cells and then they are bigger and they retain fluid in the body that makes the cellulite worse. Therefore, with a movie instead of snack chips, make a new type of snacks – raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber, peppers …) with a sauce of humus.

Physical activity
Cardio training is the fastest way to burn fat and reduce cellulite. Whether it comes to cycling, jogging, aerobics or zumba, only is important to activate the muscles and to get as much sweat.

Caffeinated cream
Caffeine is often one of the main ingredients of anti-cellulite cream and it is very effective in tightening the skin. Check the concentration of caffeine in cream before you buy – those with five percent of this ingredient give better results.

A cream with Retinol
The Retinol is a form of the vitamin A that reduces the presence the free radicals responsible for the degradation of collagen. Retinol helps to keep the skin smooth and makes the bumps of the cellulite less visible. For best results, use a retinol cream with vitamins A, C and E.

Devices for massage
The massage gives the best results when it comes to the fight against cellulite. By friction you can temporarily soften the bumps and the massage also helps by stimulating the blood circulation and removes the excess water. The massage also increases the absorption of the creams and therefore its impact is greater.

5 steps for anti-cellulite massage
1. Preparation
Apply oil or cream from the feet to the knee to improve the blood flow through the veins and the capillaries. Each leg massage at least one minute.

2. Pinch
Pinch with fingers smaller areas, but also bigger like the hips, thighs and abdomen. This will remove the accumulated toxins.

3. Massaging hands
With the fists knead the places where you have cellulite. With stronger compression you’ll smash the fat.

4. Twisting
Relax your muscles. Grasp skin parts with the hands as you gonna squeeze something. On this way, massage the thighs and the problematic areas on the hips.

5. Final
Finish the massage with strong smoothing from the feet and move upward. This stimulates the flow of the accumulated fat.

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