Homemade remedy: Detox foot pads for dangerous toxins

You need to get rid of the the dangerous toxins? Now you can get that with this detox foot pads! How to prepare this remedy? Very simple!

Ingredients that you’ll need are:
– onion
– garlic
– water
– socks
– self-stick gauze pads

First chop the garlic and the onion nicely and put them aside. Pour water in a kettle and let it boil. Then add the finely sliced onions and garlic in the boiled water and let it boil for additional 10 minutes. Leave the mixture to cool. When it is cold, pour some of it in the center of the self-stick gauze pads, enough to get the stick pads wet. If there is too much liquid squeeze the extra liquid out. There is one more important thing is to not wet the sticky part of the pads. You should put the self-stick gauze pad on the bottom of the feet, especially at the center part. Then, put on the socks so the gauze pads won’t fall off. The next morning, remove them from your feet, throw them and wash and rinse your feet well.

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