A simple magical recipe for varicose veins and venous thrombosis

Venous thrombosis occurs due to stagnation of the thrombus (blood clot) in the vein. Can be affected the surface veins which is called superficial thrombophlebitis or deep vein, so we talk about deep vein thrombosis. Thrombosis is always accompanied by phlebitis (inflammation of a vein), and that’s why are used terms and thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.

Thrombosis may result from coagulation disorders (disturbances in blood clotting) or it may indicate a yet undiscovered malignant disease.

Factors that may contribute to the occurrence of thrombosis are: damage to the endothelium (inner layer of the vessel wall)  catheter, oral contraceptives, blood stasis after surgery, prolonged sitting with flowing off during the journey (eg. plane flight), which poses a risk to healthy people.

The recipe for varicose veins and venous thrombosis:
– plantain leaf
– sugar

In a glass jar line up alternately row washed plantain leaves and row unrefined sugar, and so on until you fill the jar. The mixture should be well pressed on the top. Wait one day to settle. The next day put new layers until the jar has a place. Then wrap the jar well with 3-4 layers of cellophane. Dig a hole in the ground and put the jar in it. On it put a board, cover with rocks, all of that cover it with dust. The board and the stones must remain visible. From the mixture of sugar and plantain leaves, of the influence of the evenly earth’s temperature, will obtain a syrup. About three months later pull the jar, strain the juice through a sieve. Boil it well once again and with it fill up bottles that you can close well. If you can not apply this procedure of boiling, then leave the jar on the sun or near other heat sources as long as the bottom does not create syrup. And this syrup should be once again well boiled.

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