Rule 5-5-5: In 5 minutes prepare a beverage that you’ll drink next 5 days to lose weight of 5 kg

Nature has always been our best pharmacy, which helps us to resist many diseases, but also lose a few pounds. The best example of the power of nature is hidden in a simple habit and rule 5-5-5, with which you can get rid of the so-called “false” kilos in the first 5 days.

Rule 5-5-5 consists of a simple potion and a few small tips that you should strictly adhere if you want to achieve maximum efficiency. The three numbers 5 refer to the speed of preparation (5 minutes), the duration of treatment (5 days), and the maximum possible results (5 kg).

Ingredients required:
-60 grams of fresh parsley
-1 lemon
-230 milliliters of water

Method of preparation:
1. Wash the parsley well, put it in a blender and mix it.
2. In the blender, add the lemon juice together with the water, then mix all the ingredients well.

Application of rules 5-5-5:
1. Drink the beverage every morning after you wake up, before any other meal or drink.
2. Repeat the procedure for 5 consecutive days without exception.
3. After the 5th day, make a break of 10 days, or if desired, repeat the procedure.
4. The potion accelerates metabolism and digestion, prevents the accumulation of water in the body and bloating, which helps the body to burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently.

Additional tips:
1. Rule 5-5-5 will not melt the accumulated fat in record time, but will speed up the metabolism and help you get to the desired results faster.
2. The loss of weight, which you will surely notice very quickly on the scale, will mostly refer to the accumulated water in the body, ie the slow digestion, for which you feel inflated and thicker than you are.

That’s why we call the first 5 kilos you can lose “fake” pounds.

3. During those 5 days eat moderately and healthy, ie eat fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Of course, avoid ice cream, chocolate, lasagna and similar calorie bombs.

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