Home treatment: Efficient natural remedy to remove corns and calluses

The corns (clavus) is a thickening area of the skin. It usually appears on the foot, in the area between the little and the fourth toe. It often has a hard center that looks like a wolfhound. Usually that area of the foot where the corn appeared, is very painful to pressure. Can occur a discomfort when you are wearing shoes, because there is friction which causes pain. It can also appear on the sole of the other fingers and the heel.

Surely you have heard and have tried many treatments to get rid of this painful problem. Here’s a simple, effective and natural recipe that will rid you of the pain and the appearance of corns and calluses.

You won’t believe what is needed! Everything you’ll need for this simple recipe is houseleek and a sticking plaster. This plant is usually found on the rocks or the walls or as a home-grown, most often in the pots on the roof of the house. It is a very useful and healing herb that almost does not need any attention to grow.

How to prepare the remedy? Very simple!
First take one leaf of the plant and remove that thin skin that surrounds it. Then put that leaf on the corn with the side that has no skin on it and stick the patch through the leaf. You should leave thus for all day. In the evening you should replace it with a new leaf and a plaster. Wear the patch at night because when the legs are out of the shoes the treatment is more effective. In only a few days, usually 3 or 4, the corn will disappear along with their roots and the area where it has been will be filled by healthy tissue.
This recipe is very old and many times tested. It is very effective and it produces results in a very short time

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