Extremely helpful: Read this and you will never again throw the bark of the onion!

Almost all of us throw the bark of the onion without knowing how good for the overall health it can be. Most often the best parts of the plants are thrown away (such as the skin of the onion), despite that they are very helpful.

Advantages of using the bark of onion:
– fights against allergies
– it reduces LDL cholesterol and blood pressure
– reduces the inflammation
– cures the depression
– supports muscle growth and function
– treats some forms of cancer

Some other uses:
Some people recommend the bark from the onion for a soothing wash for itching of scabies and other skin problems. Also, it is a popular ingredient for softening and smoothing the hair.

The next time, consider whether you want to throw the skin of the onion, or still use due to its excellent properties.

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