Now you can lose 3kg in only 1 week with this awesome honey and lemon diet

Lemon and honey for weight loss
The honey – lemon diet can relieve you from your weight problem. The obesity is a physical condition of the body when the excessive deposition of fat takes place into the tissues, putting a strain on the heart, liver, kidneys and the joints and also on the hips, the knees and the ankles. The overweight people are susceptible to several diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure, .diabetes and many others

The honey is excellent for obesity and lowering of the cholesterol levels. It mobilizes the extra deposited fats in the body allowing them to be utilized as energy for the normal functions, purifying the blood as a result. This honey and lemon-juice is highly beneficial in the treatment for the obesity and it won’t make you lose appetite and energy. For this natural drink, mix one teaspoon of raw honey (unheated) and juice of two teaspoons of lemon or lime juice in one glass of warm water (but not boiling hot water!). Drink this remedy as a wake-up drink once in the morning and on an empty stomach. Also it is commonly taken after a big and oily meal, because it is an effective digestive and detox tonic. And do not forget that in every successful weight loss program the principles such as keeping to a regular exercise regime, and forming healthy eating habits and diets are extremely important.

Can you drink it cold?
Some people that drink only ice water asked if they could prepare an icy cold honey and lemon drink instead of the warm concoction. You may have heard that cold water helps in losing the weight because it forces the body to raise its temperature and burn the calories as a result. But what is less known, how the warm water significantly helps in the burning of fats and it is believed that the warm water aids in digestion. One glass of cold lemonade definitely helps to beat the heat and quench thirst on a hot day. But in the morning before the breakfast especially, the warm water helps in cleansing the whole system, our metabolism starts to burn fat. The poor digestion of food can cause a build-up of undigested proteins and toxins in the intestine. This toxins can accumulate into the fat cells and lead to inflammatory and immune responses which are all linked to weight gain.

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