You will be surprised: 5 worst myths about weight loss

You constantly listen various advices on how to lose weight? Did you know that those common advices are actually not correct? Be prepared, you’ll be surprised! These are the worst 5 myths about the weight loss. Find out what the experts say about the weight loss and the dieting.

Myth 1 – Eating healthy is expense
In fact, with a little more planning, the fresh and healthy foods are less expensive than those conveniently packaged and fast food options. If you did not know, by following the diet plan for healthy heart, you can also shave pounds from your hips, while you’ll fatten up your bank account by more than $400 annually. To slim down your grocery bill even more, swap out the meat products for some legumes. That way you can get the same nutrients and the same protein power, but at a fraction of the cost.

Myth 2 – Drink fruit juice
You maybe think that the pure fruit juice is good for you. But, unfortunately, those fruit juices already bottled are full with dissolved fructose (70%) and 30% of glucose, and it basically means that you are drinking a large amount of sugar. When you are eating one piece of fresh fruit at a time, your body adjusts and slowly breakdowns the sugar, thanks to the fiber. You must know that the fruit juices do not have the same fiber content as the real fruit. Due to this very large intake of sugar, your body becomes overloaded and overburdened. So, you should eat your recommended allotment of fruit, not to drink it.

Myth 3 – Fat-free foods won’t make you fat
You need to be aware that the food industry makes money out of you. With the marketing strategies they want you to purchase theirs products. They prey on your desire to eat healthier or lose weight. The products placed on the market may are “fat-free” but also to make his type of food tasty, excessive amounts of sugar are added to the products, which means that this products are totally unhealthy to consume.

Myth 4 – Is not important the time when you eat
The time when you eat is just as important as what you eat. The breakfast has always been, it is and it will continue to be the most important meal of the whole day. When you chose the right foods for your first meal, your body will be provided with a steady, slow and healthy flow of the blood sugar that will give you enough energy for the whole day long. It is recommended to eat a large salad for your mid-meal, and for the evening the small, light meal should be your choice.

Myth 5 – The apple cider vinegar will break down the fats
No, that it is not true! But, if you drink it every day, it may burn your throat and also cause you to develop a stomach ulcer. ACV can not help you to reach your weight loss goal faster.

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