She every day holds coconut oil in her mouth per 20 minutes. Reason? Soon, you’ll do exactly the same!

Everything is so simple! What should you do when you wake up is the following: Before you eat breakfast, take one tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth.

Sounds nasty, does not it? But it is very much useful.

It is best to left the entire amount in your mouth for about 5 minutes or maybe even a little longer. The unpleasant taste is worth every minute, because the coconut oil can kill all the bacteria in the mouth and remove the tartar.

The dental plaque is the most common cause of the health problems such as problems with gums, the mouth and teeth. In case that the coconut oil is used for a long time, it will release the bad breath, reduce the risk of cancer of the oral cavity and gingivitis.

Dental floss is always a solution, but with the help of this recipe your teeth will eventually shine.

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