You’ll be amazed by the results: Here’s why you should put aspirin pill into the washing machine

Washing the laundry is not one of the favorite tasks to most of the people, and for that reason any kind of trick is welcomed. And here’s a trick with which you can save your white laundry with just using aspirin pill.

Now you can avoid the gray color of the newly laundered white clothes, remove the stains and restore the freshness of the white clothes by using aspirin.

You only have to dissolve 5 300 mg aspirin tablets in 2 gallons of warm water. Soak the clothes in this solution and leave them into it over the night. For best results crush the pills in smaller pieces as possible,in order to dissolve faster and act faster. The next day, put all those clothes in the washing machine and add a few aspirin pills. This way you will restore the original whiteness of the clothes.

If you’ve done everything properly you will be amazed by the results!

Replace the bleach with this method, not only because it will provide you even better effects, but also it won’t damage the fabric.

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