4 mistakes that you certainly do when using coconut oil

It’s natural, it does not require big planning of the budget, it makes hair shiny, and the skin is velvety and cherished. The whole world went crazy for the coconut oil because of the miraculous powers when it comes to beauty. However, many forget that coconut oil is not a solution for all skin types, nor for all applications. We reveal 4 things, that is, 4 applications you need to avoid.

1. Apply directly to your face
If your skin is oily and prone to producing sebum, do not use coconut oil. It can close the pores, or cause blackheads and pimples. Exception are people with a pronounced dry skin, which quickly and simply absorbs the oil.

2. Remove the make-up without washing the oil
Do you use coconut oil to clean your make-up? You put a small amount on cotton to clean your face? All this is fine until you make a catastrophic mistake, that is, do not wash the rest of the oil from the face. The rest of the oil combined with makeup remnants will clog your pores and the skin will not be able to breathe.

3. Buy the wrong product
The only natural cold-pressed coconut oil has good fatty acids that we need. Read the label on the packaging well. The right oil is liquid at a warm temperature, while it turns into white paste when is colder.

4. Use coconut oil as a hair mask
We at least once have tried this out. If you have expressed oily and stubborn hair, feel free to continue, but all those with fine and gentle hair should avoid coconut oil. The problem appears when you need to wash it. You will need an extremely large amount of shampoo for the hair to wash the oil, and this creates the opposite effect.

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