Did you know how coffee affects the appearance and health of our skin?

It is well known that drinking coffee can have positive, but also negative effects on our body and organism, so today we focus our attention on all the consequences that coffee can cause, and relate to the appearance and health of our skin.

1. Coffee can reduce the risk of skin cancer
Coffee can in many ways affect the look of our skin, but above all it can have a big impact on her health, and this is positive. A recent study has shown that drinking large amounts of coffee can affect preventively when melanoma appears on the skin. For the study, researchers studied dietary habits of 450,000 people and came up with surprising results that say that those who drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day have a 20% lower risk of melanoma on the skin.

2. The skin may look more tired
Although coffee is often consumed when we are stressed, it is not the best solved for us in those situations, because it is from us that skin can look more tired. One study showed that people who drink a cup of coffee before meeting a stress-abusing situation, go through it more difficult than those who do not drink coffee before these events. In other words, coffee can increase the level of stress and thus cause secretion of a greater amount of insulin in our body. It is also a bad news for those who are already struggling with acne.

3. It does not have to affect dehydration of the skin
The coffee contains caffeine which is a diuretic, and thus dehydrates the skin. However, numerous studies have shown that caffeine is not a strong diuretic, and more than 12 of 15 cases have shown that it does not affect whether our skin is sufficiently hydrated. Simply, coffee can not affect this way on the skin if you drink enough water daily.

4. Coffee can complicate the problem with acne
This does not apply to black coffee, but applies to all other variations that contain milk. In particular, milk contains abundant ingredients that can increase the level of hormones in our body, thereby accelerating the processes of inflammation of the skin, leading to a greater incidence of acne. Therefore, if you have problems with acne, try to drink only black coffee.

5. Coffee is rich in antioxidants
An American study showed that coffee is a great choice during the diet because it is rich in antioxidants. This does not mean that coffee has more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables, but it can still contribute to the healthy appearance of the skin, as it fights with free radicals that cause its aging. There is another advantage to drinking coffee.

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