Tips for a slim line from a woman with the highest IQ

The problem most women face is how to maintain their slim line. In search of answers, many ladies turned to the smartest woman in the world. The American who holds the record for a woman with the highest IQ has offered a solution to the biggest problem for many women. Although you may be expecting intelligent information and complicated advice, she gave quite candid responses that will surely help you fight weight.

1. Forget the snacks
One of the most important rules is to forget the snacks. In the kitchen you need to have groceries for the next 3 days. In doing so you should completely omit the sweet and salted snacks.

2. Don’t eat between meals
Instead of fruits and juice for snacks, drink a cup of tea. Fully contrary to the well-known opinion that you should eat very little for dinner, end the day enjoying the meal you love. Food is useful for the body when you are hungry, and not when the schedule tells you to eat.

3. Get rid of caloric chilled beverages
Consume juices and milk only for breakfast, and an important rule to keep is drinks without ice. The ice breaks down the taste of the drink, so you need more. In addition, water at a temperature of 22 degrees in summer is quite sufficient to cool your body that is exposed to high temperatures.

4. Never “clean” the plate
Overeating is the worst kind of throwing delicious food. No matter how tasty your meal is, it is best to leave a part for the next meal, but not for snacks or for nibbling. If you can not control it, use smaller plates.

5. Enjoy dinner
Enjoying dinner with friends and family is slowly dying out with a quick lifestyle. But it should not stop you from enjoying every bite. Try to enjoy each meal by turning them into small rituals.

6. Enjoy each bite
If you like food, then be kind in every bite, so you will feel every taste and every aroma. This way you will eat more slowly and get rid of cramps in your stomach, as well as from overeating.

7. Follow the habits
Usually, each of us relaxes at the weekend, and the same applies to the diet. Stick to your schedule, and instead of eating something take a walk.

8. Do not underestimate the calories
Healthy food does not allow overeating, and many people underestimate calories. The light breakfast and lunch consumed should have about 250 calories.

9. Eat only the food you deserve
Never eat bad food, your body deserves only the best. Well, forget about pasta, fatty sandwiches and chips because you just do not deserve it.

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