23 facts that invalidate the familiar myths about healthy eating

One of the most controversial topics today is how it looks like the healthy diet. There are countless myths and misunderstandings. These 23 facts will help you change your attitude towards certain foods and make your diet plan easier.

1. You can eat the stickers of the fruit and vegetables
The Food and Drug Administration recommends washing the fruits and vegetables before eating and does not forbid the eating of the stickers. They, as well as the glue with which they are glued, are safe if you swallow them, but it is best to remove them.

2. For breakfast, it’s better to eat a piece of pizza than cereals
Dietrich Chelsea Amer made a study that proves that the piece of pizza is a better breakfast than cereals because it contains more proteins and fresh ingredients. There is also less sugar than in cereal cereals. This breakfast does not contain enough protein and fat, but it really has a lot of sugar.

3. Chili food prolongs life
A Harvard study showed that eating chili food at least once a day reduces the risk of death by 14%. Some other studies have shown that bioactive ingredients in chili foods reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Canned fish is better than canned meat
Canned food is not very healthy. This is most true for the place, but not for the fish. Fish like sardine or salmon is a great source of calcium because you can eat small bones that are soft enough and do not cause problems.

5. Tomatoes lose their taste in the refrigerator
A new study has shown that keeping tomatoes at a temperature below 12 degrees Celsius hinders their condition to produce a substance that affects taste and aroma. Because of this, it is best to keep the tomatoes in a dark place, outside the fridge.

6. Lemon has more sugar than strawberries
Strawberries contain 40% sugar, while lemon has almost 2 times more. However, due to citrus acid this is hard to notice. This amount of sugar can cause obesity if you consume it often. However, the probability of this is small due to acid.

7. The shelf life of the milk has no connection to the preservatives
Many people think that the milk that lasts longer is full of preservatives. However, this is not true. The secret is the use of special temperature technology. The milk is heated to 135 degrees Celsius, and then quickly cools. This way the bacteria are destroyed, and the vitamins are retained. Milk can last 120 days indoors, or 4 days after opening.

8. Lemon is good for a hangover
Did you know that in the buttermilk there is 0.04% to 0.05% ethanol? However, due to vitamin B, folic acid and “good” bacteria this drink releases your body from alcohol and relieves the symptoms of a hangover.

9. The microwave oven is the best way to store vitamins and minerals in vegetables
The best way to keep healthy nutrients in food is to heat it as little as possible with very little liquid. Microwaves do this best. When cooking in a microwave, cover the food to create steam.

10. The grapes explode in the microwave
If you cut grape grains in half and put it in a microwave, you will see a plasma. The reason for this is that the grapes are too small, and the electromagnetic waves are too concentrated. Well, if for some reason you need to heat the grapes, do not do it in a microwave.

11. Salmon grown on a farm is white
The wild salmon has a natural pink color because it consumes many shrimp. When grown on a farm, it feeds on very different foods, so the meat is almost white. To change the color, manufacturers use various color pigments.

12. The egg yolk contains much more nutrients than the egg white
The egg yolk contains all the useful vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet. You surely know that if you hold a diet, protein is a better choice, but if you need nutrients, consume the egg yolk. Although there is more cholesterol than protein, remember that he also needs your body.

13. Nutmeg may cause hallucinations
If you eat too much nutmeg, you can hallucinate. You will feel nausea, dizziness, and problems with concentration.

14. Wasabi is a colored horseradish
If you enjoy sushi with wasabi, you should know that basically Wasabi is actually colored horseradish. The bulk of the Wasabi that is served outside Japan is horseradish. Even in Japan, demand is so high that you often find horseradish mixed with the right product.

15. The smell of chocolate reduces stress and calms you down
Perhaps if you eat a piece of chocolate, your mood will improve, but its smell can calm you down. A British psychologist conducted a study and came to the conclusion that the taste of chocolate has a calming effect on the nervous system and reduces tension better than any other product.

16. Chocolate is a great cure for a chronic cough
A UK study found that chocolate could be a good cure for cough. It has also been shown that it has no side effects unlike other cough remedies.

17. Scientists can make diamonds from peanut butter
Dan Frost and his team of scientists from the German Institute of Invention found that peanut butter had enough carbon to turn into a diamond. To do this, it is necessary to get rid of the entire oxygen in the product and put it under high pressure. Since all products and all biological materials contain carbon, in the future we could make diamonds from various things.

18. Crackers are more harmful to your teeth than sweets
This does not mean that sweets are not harmful to teeth. But there are products that inflict more damage on them. The reason is that sugar is not the one that destroys your teeth, but the acid. When crackers stick to teeth, they create the perfect environment for bacteria that produce acid.

19. Sea salt is the same as ordinary
Despite the belief that sea salt is healthier and more useful, it is exactly the same as ordinary salt. It has the same level of sodium. In addition, the cottage salt contains iodine that helps with the thyroid gland. The difference is in the way of getting – sea salt is obtained by evaporation of sea or ocean water, while the kitchen is from underground sources.

20. The potatoes absorb the wifi signal
A study by Boeing showed that they have something in common with potatoes – the ability to absorb and reflect radio waves. Because there are plenty of water in the potato they can absorb the wifi signals.

21. All bananas in the world are clones
There are more than 1,000 varieties of bananas, but most of them are a genetic copy of one species, Cavendish. They are clones because there is no seeds for production. This genetic homogeneity is dangerous because if a disease or parasite attacks the bananas, it will affect everyone and will lead to their complete disappearance.

22. Energy drinks give you short-term energy
Many people believe that energy drinks help them when they have a busy day. This is somewhat true, but not in the long run. High amounts of sugar and caffeine increase your energy, along with the placebo effect. But a 4-year study by experts at Camilo Jose University showed that these drinks cause insomnia and nervousness. Scientists have shown that these drinks improve your performance by only 3% to 7%, which is not really worth it.

23. Some foods have a better taste the next day
Many have noted that certain foods have a better taste the next day, and for this there is a reason. The food has time to absorb the sauces and spices and create a different taste. These include pasta, lasagna and meatballs.

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