Everyday habits that we have been mistakenly believed to be useful and righ

Over the years, we constantly hear some tips and slowly gain the habit of applying them regularly, and sometimes we do not know why we do it.

It is transmitted from person to person and at some point in life, we can understand that in fact it is wrong.

So, we mistakenly believed that some habits were useful, so we avoided them.

Take a look at some of them:

Cleaning your ears
Ear wax sometimes also serves as a protection against bacteria and insects, and there is a natural way in which the sulfur exits the body.

By using a cotton swab, there is a negative effect and irritation can occur.

Watering with an open lid
If you run water in the toilet while the lid is open, then the smallest pieces of water along with the bacteria are sprayed to a height of 2 meters, which is totally unhygienic

“Rubbing” / itching nose by hand
When your nose flows, it surely creates many problems and unpleasant situations. Or, when it continually itching you.

You surely reach your hand to brush it, but your fingers have lots of bacteria that can only create a bacteria in your nose.

So, try to avoid touching your nose with your hands.

Refusal of sitting with crossed legs
For a long time it was believed that sitting with crossed legs could cause varicose veins. But recent studies have shown that this posture is not at all risky for that problem, even though you should not sit for long.

Only work with a computer is harmful to the eyes
Of course, the long work ahead of the computer is tiring of the eyes, but that does not mean that you should avoid this kind of work, because other activities can also hurt your eyes.

If you work on a computer, it’s important to adjust the brightness of the monitor, make pauses, and flicker more often so your eyes do not dry.

The steering wheel should be held in position “10 and 2” according the clock
This is one of the first rules from the driving instructors and it is believed that this can be better managed and avoided an awkward situation.

However, experts advise that hands should be placed at position “9” and “3” for more comfortable turning at high speed.

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