8 foods that will keep you awake after a sleepless night

Almost everyone wanted to fall asleep at the workplace at least once in their work experience. But fortunately there is food that can keep you awake no matter how little you slept the previous night. Since each food has different substances, it is possible for some food to act better than another. If you need energy, avoid simple carbohydrates like pasta, or anything with a lot of sugar.

1. Add salmon in salad
Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that the body easily transforms into energy. A piece of salmon in your salad will give you the required amount of protein and help you stay awake.

2. Old cheese will wake you up immediately
Although this is not the healthiest option, a small piece of older cheese can help you. Amino acid called tyramine is found in fermented foods and stimulates the brain, helping you to feel more fresher.

3. Dark chocolate for focus
The darker the better. Dark chocolate is good for energy because of the high concentration of cocoa. Cocoa lowers stress and increases your energy and focus.

4. Chia seeds for hydration
The more you are hydrated, the more you will feel fresher. That’s why this seeds are great for these situations. These seeds will help you keep the water you drink during the day. In addition, the seeds are rich in protein and fiber, so you will not feel tired after the increase in energy.

5. Bananas are better than energy drinks
According to a 2012 study, bananas improve your performance and energy much more than energy drinks. Pears have a similar effect.

6. Almonds are a great way to increase energy
One hand almond is not only the lightest snack, it is a great way to get rid of fatigue. Almonds are filled with healthy monounsaturated fats that will maintain your energy level.

7. Kale has all the vitamins that will keep you awake
Kale, along with the other green leafy vegetables, is full of vitamins C and K, calcium and beta carotene. All these substances maintain the level of your energy. One big serving kale is a great option for your energy.

8. Edamame beans for the afternoon drowsiness
If you like Japanese cuisine, you will surely be pleased with the fact that edamame beans is great for raising the level of energy. It is full of nutrients that makes it a real energy machine.

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