This is the herb that prevents snoring and cleans the air in the room

Bromelia, commonly known as (small) pineapple, is a herb that can change the way of sleep and help people lessen their snoring, have better rest, and healthier sleep.

NASA made a scientific study that shows that the presence of one herb in the bedroom significantly reduces snoring and stimulates the good sleep.

The herb Bromelia, commonly known as the (small) pineapple, produces oxygen at night, and not during the day as most herbs, which improves the quality of the air, and with it the sleep, Veriplant World reveals.

The bromelia also produces the bromelain enzyme that calms the snoring in humans.

The bromelia is most cultivated in the Netherlands and it takes about two years for the first small pineapple to appear at the top of the herb, Daily Mail reports.

But care should be taken because it is exclusively decorative herb and pineapple is not eaten – which can be seen by size (very small) and color (darker than ordinary pineapple).

On the other hand, looks like a beautiful decorative element in the home, isn’t it?

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