Chicken soup, honey, oil: What home remedies really help?

Although when you are ill, it’s usually better to go to a doctor, but you can still help someone with your home remedies. There are many recipes that really do not help, but these five home remedies are worth the try, because they will make you feel better immediately.

1. Chicken soup
This soup helps with colds and already has a long tradition as an additional remedy in such cases. Chicken soup is a popular lunch in the cold months, and due to the content of electrolytes and other nutrients, it helps with respiratory problems and colds, especially when eating hot.

2. Baking soda
It calms digestive disorders, and many pharmaceutical companies produce tablets with baking soda, so patients can properly measure the amount. It acts by neutralizing excess gastric acid, but it also alkalizes the body.

3. Honey
Unless you are allergic, honey can help to calm your cough and sore throat. You can consume it yourself, but also in tea or milk. Many of the commercial cough syrups are based on honey.

4. Nail polish
You may never have imagined it, but the nail polish can help you with the bite of insect. Apply a thin layer on the bite to prevent irritation and itching.

5. Olive oil
Many recommend heated olive oil as a medicine for pain in the ear, and there are those who have tried it and claim to act. However, our advice in such situations is not to experiment, but to go to a doctor immediately if you have pain in your ear.

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