Eat these foods and your wrinkles will disappear!

The function and appearance of your skin depends largely on the diet you are taking. Modern dietary science has over the past few years included a special discipline that focuses on the relation between specific food methods, products and nutrients and skin health.

One of the most exciting areas of nutritional dermatology is the use of food and nutrients in the prevention of photo aging, which is part of the anti-aging program. Some studies have suggested that certain food groups, such as fish, vegetables and vegetable oils (especially extra virgin olive oil), act preventively against the appearance of wrinkles, and the increased intake of meat, dairy products and sugars produces wrinkles .

Nutritionists explain that the numerous studies that have been done on the topic have indicated the antioxidant properties of the various plant pigments that are used in anti-aging medicine.

It is about the red pigments anthocyanins found in the granular fruits, the green pigment chlorophyll in the green vegetable, the yellow pigment curcumin in the curcuma, the sum of orange and red pigments carotenoids, which it has in the varied fruits, vegetables and algae, as well as the ficocyanine in the algae spirulina.

One American dermatologist, is one of the first authors to popularize this area about 15 years ago. He published three books, dealing with the issues of beauty, health and young skin, through a diet program and special care. He devoted his life to dermatology, with a particular focus on the connection between diet and healthy skin, as well as the application of nutrients in the therapy and the prevention of common skin problems.

One doctor and specialist, highlighted the most important rules for beautiful and healthy skin:

– Eat large amounts of oily fish, especially salmon, and other protein-containing products, such as eggs and chicken. Proteins are necessary to restore the skin and slow down the aging of the skin cells. At the same time, Omega-3 fatty acids maintain the necessary moisture on the skin and prevent inflammatory processes.
– Consuming more often fresh, dark, grains, especially blueberries. They contain antioxidants that help detoxify and prevent premature aging.
– Eat melons, apples and pears. These fruits have a low glycemic index. On the other hand, watermelon, bananas and mangoes have a high glycemic index, so they should be consumed moderately.
– Give preference to nuts, especially hazelnuts and almonds, because they are rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid.
– For breakfast, consume freshly prepared fruit smoothie or oat flakes to help keep your blood sugar level normal.
– Drink 8-10 cups, pure spring water every day. Even slight dehydration can cause your skin to look old. Also, avoid coffee and tea.

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