A real miracle: This natural, homemade remedy can cure cracked heels, calluses and even varicose veins in only 10 days!

There is an effective mixture which can make your heels smooth and soft, remove corn, calluses, blisters, and can also help you get rid of the rough skin of your feet in only 10 days. This mixture is made of only 2 ingredients, it is easy to make, and is also extremely effective.

Most of the people take cracked heels for granted, believing that they are nothing more than one aesthetic problem. But, if left untreated, the cracks will become much deeper and even much more painful. Namely, if you neglect them and fail to react on time, the dirt will build up inside your feet and lead to an infection. And therefore, reacting on time is of utmost important.

The thickening of the feet is usually a result of excess dead skin cells, and that causes improper blood circulation and also poor elasticity. A file or pumice stone can help you solve this problem. It is recommended to exfoliate your feet after taking a shower. Don’t overdo it, because eliminating too much skin cells or using a very sharp object may also lead to an infection.

Ingredients that are needed:
10 aspirin tablets (about 300 mg)
250 ml Brandy or 70% medicinal alcohol

First crush the aspirin tablets to create a powder
After mix the powder with 250 ml Brandy or 70 % medicinal alcohol
Leave to stand for 1-2 days
You should shake the bottle every night and dip a gauze into the bottle
Apply the gauze on the cracked heel and wrap the feet in nylon bag, and put on your socks
Leave the socks during the night
Wash your feet in the morning and wipe them with a clean cloth
Apply some moisturizing cream or glycerin

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